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PLC Kinco K304-14AR

PLC Kinco K304-14AR

Bộ lập trình PLC Kinco K304-14AR
 Input: 8DI
Output: 6 DO relay
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PLC Kinco K304-14AR,K304-14AR,PLC Kinco

Execution Speed Typical Bool Instruction Time: <1μS
Word Operation Time: <96μS
Arithmetic Operation Time for Integers: <130μS
Arithmetic Operation Time for Floating Points: <300μS
DI Points 8XDC24V
DO Points   6XRelay  
User Program Memory EEPROM, 8KB
Program Backup Permanent Storage, Without the Need of Battery//1000 Instructions
Memory Area Variable Storage Area (V Area): 2KB
System Storage Area (SM Area): 300 Bytes
Internal Storage Area (M Area): 32 Bytes
Data Retention Characteristic Configure with the Programming Software: V Area, C (Counter) Area
Retention Mode and Period Adopt super capacitors and support a retention period of not less than 144 hours upon power failure under normal temperature.
Data Backup Characteristic Perform Backup Operations VB1648 ~ VB1775 According to User Instructions, 128 Bytes in Total
Backup Mode and Time EEPROM (Writing Operation for 1 Million Times) Permanent Backup
Floating Points Supported; the Whole V Area can be Used for Floating Points
Programming Language Supported Ladder Drawing (LD), Instruction List (IL)
Instruction Set Basic Instructions: 55; Expansion Instructions: 251
PasswordProtection Yes
Max I/O Number Digital Data: 14 in Total (DI8, DO6); 
Analog Data: None
Counter  64
Operation Mode of Counter Addition, Subtraction
Counter Range -32768~32767
Counting Value Retention Function Yes
Timer 64
1 ms time Base: 4
10 ms Time Base: 16
100 ms Time Base: 44
 High speed counter 2 Single/Dual-Phase High-Speed Counters
Where, Single-Phase Counter with a Maximum Frequency of 20KHz
Dual-Phase Counter with a Maximum Frequency of 10KHz
 Pulse output 2, PTO (Pulse Train Output)/PWM (Pulse Width Modulation Output);
Maximum Output Frequency: 20 KHz(Note: the elay output CPU does not have high speed pluse function)
Analog Potentiometer  -
Interrupt function Timing Interruption: 2, 1ms Resolution;
Timer Interruption: T2/T3, 1ms Resolution;
Edge Interruption: 4, Rising Edge or Falling Edge Optional;
High-Speed Interruption, Communication Interruption
Real-time cholck 0
Number of Connectable Expansion Modules -
COM Port 1, RS232 or RS485;
Supported Working Modes: Programming, Modbus-RTU (Slave), Free Protocol
Equipment Connected with COM Port RS232/RS485: PC (For Programming), Third-Party HMI Panel, Third-Party Serial Communication Equipment (For Example, Instruments, Bar Code Reader, etc.)
Input Power Supply AC85~265V
Sensor Load Power Supply DC24V, Max. 300 mA
Dimensions (L*W*H) 97X114X70mm
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